Tools for Healing

Holistic Counseling allows you to engage across multiple dimensions of your whole self to work through the barriers to your personal freedom. To support healing within the areas of addiction, codependency, anxiety, attachment and relationships, the Flowing with Purpose approach draws from a variety of tools including cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness techniques, psychodynamic therapy and spirituality/12-steps.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) allows you to focus on your thoughts and beliefs, and identify those that give rise to disruptive emotions and unwanted behaviors. CBT is a powerful form of therapy as you work with the immediacy of the challenges you are facing in everyday life. You will use simple and effective techniques such as thought records, affirmations, and goal setting/tracking as a way to gain access to your inner resources.

Mindfulness techniques

Mindfulness can be defined as paying attention to the present moment on purpose. The intended outcome of mindfulness practices is an experience of being and living within the present – when you are in the present moment you are free from the pain/guilt of the past and worry about the future – you are ushered into being fully alive. Using mindfulness techniques can also help you to generate greater awareness and acceptance of your thoughts and feelings, which gives you increased access to your power to choose. Mindfulness techniques may include breathing, visualizing, meditation, mantras, and movement; these practices can be incorporated based on your level of comfort, openness and desire.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy supports your discovery of past experiences and relationships that may be holding you hostage in your current life. As you move through everyday activities you may experience triggers, or big/surprising reactions to people and events. This form of therapy offers the space for you to revisit, heal and recreate your past. Talking, listening, feeling, journaling, visualizing and inventing will create the conditions for you to embrace and befriend your past, while simultaneously cultivating the resiliency and strength you already have available to you.

Spirituality and 12-Step Recovery

Spirituality is commonly a source of inner strength, hope, healing and recovery on the journey of self-discovery, self-love and purposeful living. Your version of spirituality will be unique to you, and can be part of the healing you experience in holistic counseling. If addiction and codependency are a struggle for you, you may be encouraging to know that many have found 12-Step recovery to be a powerful source of grace, connection, healing and inspiration. Any tools you may already have or want to cultivate from various spiritual practices, including the 12-steps, can be brought into your counseling session if that is helpful and supportive to your growth.