Tools for Launching

Navigating through the many decisions and action steps involved in pursuing your life work, your career, and your purpose can be overwhelming and intimidating at times. Knowing where to get started, how to to develop and implement a plan, and staying motivated are areas you need not pursue alone. Career consulting provides you with practical tools to launch you from self-discovery into action. Much of what need is simply a matter of developing your skills to reflect, decide, connect, communicate and market yourself. The tools below will serve as the fuel you need to get into action – they include job searching tools, self-assessment tools, and decision-making tools. 

Job/Opportunity Searching Tools

There are many tools you will need to develop your brand, build your network, and launch into your life’s work. While you may be feeling uncertain or underestimating your abilities, you truly have what you need. Adding some learning and practice will boost your confidence and your successes! Tools for powerful self expression include:

  • Job search strategies
  • Networking and developing your pitch
  • Informational interviewing
  • Resumes/CV/s cover letters and personal statements
  • Website, LinkedIn, and social media strategy
  • Interviewing and negotiating
  • Professional development and career management

Self-Assessment Tools

Self-Assessment can be done formally or informally. There are many options available depending on what areas need more clarity including:

  • Personality assessments – MBTI and Enneagram
  • Interest assessments – Strong Interest Inventory, calling card activity, passion worksheets, writing narratives and responding to questions
  • Values assessments – inventories, writing activities, developing hierarchies
  • Skills assessments – inventories, sharing stories, sorting activities
  • Life purpose – mission statements, powerful possibilities, purpose statements

Decision-Making Tools

Decision making is a critical piece to living a life of meaning and purpose. Throughout your life you face many opportunities to practice making decisions, and indeed there are ways to enhance those skills. It is important at the outset to remember that most decisions are not final, and you will not get stuck – you always have choices, even if that choice is more about how you will respond to your current set of circumstances. Tools to help include:

  • Discernment – deep listening practices which include writing, reflecting, journaling, talking and visualizing
  • Decision-making styles – assessments provide language and deeper understand of the pitfalls and benefits of your decision-making tendencies
  • Overcoming barriers to decision-making – identifying fears, influences and other forces that cloud your ability to make decisions, and working with and through them