Career Support-Transitions

Have you found yourself feeling bored, stuck, over-worked? Disengaged, lost, anxious, or discouraged? Ready for a change? Our work can be a source of great stress and boredom, or it can also be a place of deep satisfaction, excitement, meaning, and invigoration. Career coaching can help you explore the many facets of your career and life’s work. It involves supporting you at different phases of the outward expression of your inner purpose. Those stages may include: self-awareness, career choices, experiences, self-expression, and career changes/decision-making. Read further to find just the lift you might be needing at this time in your life! Also see the “Tools for Launching'” section to learn more about practical tools needed for your career journey including resumes, CV’s, cover letters, LinkedIn, and more!


When you start to imagine how you want to invest your energy and time in the outer world, it’s most helpful to begin with self-reflection. At this stage you may be seeking to explore and more fully understand who you really are – your TRUE self. What values do you hold dear? What are your deepest desires? What skills and talents do you have and/or want to further refine? What are your personality characteristics and what can they tell you about the kind of work environment, people, and natural rhythms you will find more comfortable and intriguing? Through the discovery of these different elements of your unique self you may begin to notice patterns and themes that begin to emerge which can serve as guideposts for the next stage.


Grounded in a fuller understanding and connection to your whole self, the next phase will ask you to begin to get curious about the causes, the issues, the work, the career fields that most resonate with you. What kind of change or impact do you want to make in the world? What pathways might allow you to fulfill your hopes and dreams? Gathering information to assist you in uncovering your options can happen online and in-person – it can take place in systematic ways, or in more spontaneous, serendipitous ways.


Rooted in self-reflection and exploration of choices, the next phase involves gaining even more clarity. Learning about your options through reading and talking is insightful, and yet it doesn’t reveal half as much as gaining actual exposure and experience in your areas of interest. In this phase you will delve into real-life experiences such as job shadowing, volunteering,  getting a part-time job, internship, project, or fellowship or even a full-time job. By living, moving and breathing in these potential environments, you can more clearly discern which options may be the best fit for you, and for your community. Additionally you can gain valuable skills and expand your professional network.


The final phase of this process is the expression of your skills, abilities, passions and values through targeted communications with potential employers, customers or community members. You begin to understand and articulate your core purpose, your mission, and in so doing you begin to develop and hone your personal brand. Your brand can be expressed through your resume, cover letter, video pitch, website, LinkedIn profie, job boards, interviews, networking, and in accepting your job offers or securing new clients. This stage allows you to powerfully go forward and engage the world in many ways – you can begin to experience yourself as an active member of your community both locally and globally.

Career changes and decision making

You may find yourself in a place where you are ready for something new – a new job, a new career, a new sector, or a new team. By walking through the phases above, you have the opportunity to ask yourself what you’ve been learning about your likes and dislikes, what skills you have gained, and what options you are ready to engage now. The journey of you life’s work is never ending, and can be thought of a series of mini-decisions. Gone are the days of one job or even one career – what an exciting ride into the world of many possibilities!