Vietnam Adventure 10: Be the Change – Me or You?

Be the Change

Recently I came across a reading in my Courage to Change book, and it very simply reminded me of “Be the Change.” When there is something I want to experience or receive in the world, instead of looking to others or outside circumstances to shift and be that change, it truly starts with me. I can choose to be and act that way. In my marriage partnership – I want more harmony – so I can be more harmonious. I want less competition and more support – so I can be less competitive and more supportive. I want more connection – so I can be more emotionally present and create the conditions for connection. I want to have full trust and commitment – so I can be fully trusting and committed. I want to consistently be aware that nothing is permanent, that we do not belong to each other, that we are gifts to be valued and treasured in each other’s lives – so this is the change I want to be in and through this relationship.

This change then radiates outward – I want more consciousness in the world, so I can be conscious. I want more contemplation in action, so I can be a contemplative in action. I want more justice in the world, so I can commit myself to justice. I want more self-honesty and less people-pleasing, so I can be more honest in the world. I want more boundaries and time for people to create spaces for themselves and their own healing and rejuvenation, so I can be more aware of where I direct my energy, and how I’m really feeling in the presence of another human being. “Being the change” is born out of my practice on a daily basis.

daily practice

What change to you want to see in the world today? Truly, what changes do you deeply desire to see? How can you powerfully create that change through your own practice? My wish for us all is that we experience ourselves as strong, powerful, creators of the change we wish to see in the world!