Dialing into the moment – fear or love

One of the most challenging aspects of communication can be trying to understand another person’s reaction to a question, comment, remark, or idea you put out there. You may find yourself in those moments of being truly surprised – “but I was just trying to help that person,” or “that was a harmless comment, I didn’t mean anything by it.”

This is an invitation to dig deep and start to tap into your motivation. What is the real driver behind your communication? It may be nearly impossible to pick up on it, but try. Key indicators are body sensations and energy. Do you feel tight, anxious, stressed? Or perhaps you note that you feel open, free and light? I’m discovering that the “energy” behind what we say can carry far more weight than the words themselves.

In discerning your course of action in starting or participating in a dialogue, it may be helpful to pause, breathe and notice what is there energetically and physically. Then perhaps you engage the mind and heart by asking yourself, “in this moment am I being motivated by love or fear?” An honest answer to that question prior to the question or remark being shared could alter your choice of timing or even whether or not you go there at all.

The practice of yoga and meditation give us greater awareness of our body sensations, energy and emotions, and sometimes we are graced with that miraculous gift of the “holy pause” – just a momentary window of opportunity to choose. I invite you to share your experiences either here on the blog or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/flowingwithpurpose.