Getting clear on principles

Getting Clear on your Principles

This week I’ve been reflecting on getting really clear about what my guiding principles are. There seem to be situations in life which call us to reconnect with those core values; situations that shake us up enough to pull us into the questions. In this case the need arose from a presenting challenge in my work. My circumstances began to feel very unclear, the direction missing, the next steps open. And yet there was this sense of pressure, this fear of making the “wrong” choice; the fear of people not liking me as a result of my choices. Questions began to surface about how I got here—don’t I have a conscious process? Don’t I journal, meditate, reflect and dialogue in community before I make big decisions? Generally yes, which is why I was given the gift of feeling that something was inherently “off.” I needed to take space to get back to my core values and ask myself questions like:

• What is really important to me? • What motivated me to get to this point? • What will continue to inspire me as I move forward? • What does it mean for me to take responsibility for my part in how I arrived here? • To whom am I responsible (this is a tricky one as I tend to be “overly” responsible)? • What does it look like for me to honor myself in this moment and as I move forward?

Through taking the time to think through and write about my responses to the questions above, I was able to access my own voice. To clarify some of the deeper issues. To understand the unconscious parts of me that impacted my arrival at this point. There isn’t a sense of judgment; but rather clarity and grace, and most importantly the opportunity to choose my next steps with a sense of groundedness, a sense of purpose, a sense of trust.

This is my hope for you; that when you encounter these opportunities to get clear on your principles, you will find and create the space to know yourself more fully, to be open, to trust the process, and in so doing, may you experience a deeper sense of flowing with purpose.