Welcome to Flowing with Purpose, Holistic Counseling. This counseling, coaching, and mindfulness practice is inspired by a desire to see communities become empowered through individuals harnessing their own authentic power. By nature of being human, we all have habits and experiences of the mind and body that cause pain and suffering. And yet, I believe through lovingly and gently befriending our past, personalities, and egos, we can transcend them, and find the freedom, joy, connection, inspiration and purpose we all deserve.


My approach seeks to integrate the practices of mental health, yoga, meditation and career development in service of supporting the growth of individuals and communities from a holistic perspective. To connect with present need and desire, I offer the following services which you can participate in collectively or individually:

  • Career Support and Transitions – collaborate to support you in all aspects of your professional/life decisions and changes including job searching, self-discover, discernment of options, transitions, and self-marketing. Feedback and support are provided on items such as resumes, Linked In Profiles, Cover Letters, Mock Interviews, etc. (Click on tab in the menu bar above more for info)
  • Holistic Counseling – partner in addressing issues such as anxiety, depression, stress management, relationships, addiction, codependency and more. Together we work to access the strengths and resources you already have within you, and work through barriers that get in the way of designing and living a life you love (click on tab in the menu bar above for more info)
  • Yoga and Meditation – individual and group sessions of yoga and meditation are available to you in person or online. Packages can be customized based on your individual preferences. Often mindfulness tools are incorporated in other service areas. Retreats are also periodically offered, so stay tuned!


Communities are empowered as individuals harness their own authentic power.


Foster deep listening and connection to the wisdom of the mind, body, emotions and Being.


Self-acceptance, strengths-based, love, inspiration, transformation, justice