Welcome to Flowing with Purpose, Holistic Counseling. This counseling, coaching, and mindfulness practice is inspired by a desire to see communities become empowered through individuals harnessing their own authentic power. By nature of being human, we all have habits and experiences of the mind and body that cause pain and suffering. And yet, I believe through lovingly and gently befriending our past, personalities, and egos, we can transcend them, and find the freedom, joy, connection, inspiration and purpose we all deserve.


My approach seeks to integrate the practices of mental health, yoga, meditation and career development in service of supporting the growth of individuals and communities from a holistic perspective. Specifically this approach invites you to:

  • Recognize what holds you back mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, and vocationally
  • Explore tools to navigate changing direction/starting anew
  • Discover your deepest joy (passion, values, strength, personality, gifts)


Communities are empowered as individuals harness their own authentic power.


Foster deep listening and connection to the wisdom of the mind, body, emotions and Being.


Self-acceptance, strengths-based, love, inspiration, transformation, justice